Karim Masimov and his bounty hunting business

Karim Masimov has made a real business out of persecuting oppositionists and people simply disliked by the authorities abroad. Money continues to flow into Masimov even after his arrest for treason.

For example, for many years he hunted for the fugitive banker Mukhtar Ablyazov and his associates outside of Kazakhstan. Ironically, Masimov ended up in prison earlier than Ablyazov, who, through the efforts of the ex-head of the KNB, had already received in absentia, first 20 years in prison, and then a life sentence.

This story began long before Ablyazova fled abroad. Back in 2008, Karim Masimov, being Prime Minister, demanded a controlling stake in BTA Bank from Ablyazov. After Ablyazov’s refusal, serious troubles began, which ended in emigration.

The hunt for Ablyazov and his billions was carried out on a grand scale; Karim Masimov attracted the largest international law firms Hogan Lovells, Reed Smith and Ronald Fletcher Baker, who are actively trying to convince the British government to open a criminal case against Mukhtar Ablyazov and get the authorities to refuse to grant status political refugee. These processes are proceeding so slowly and are costing the state budget so much that it makes one suspect a banal cut. Masimov at one time allocated more than 100 million pounds sterling for this, and Ablyazov is still holed up abroad. It’s funny that Masimov is already in prison, and the trials against Ablyazov are still ongoing. Perhaps, from the money spent, funds are allocated for the carefree life of Karim Masimov’s family, which travels around the world buying real estate and diamonds.

By the way, active trials against Ablyazov are underway not only in England, but also in France, where the fugitive banker is now located. And there are also expensive lawyers involved who receive much more than the market price for their services.

In France, the French lawyer Antoine Levy, known for the fact that his father Bernard-Henri Levy is a popular French philosopher and human rights activist who actively declares his fight against tyranny throughout the world, plays an active role in the extradition case of Mukhtar Ablyazov.

It is interesting that in addition to purely legal stories, Masimov actively used private intelligence companies in the persecution of Ablyazov and similar characters, which monitor the relatives and associates of the victim, prepare provocations, hack emails and phones, send viruses and, if possible, organize kidnappings. Among the most notable wards of Karim Masimov are the Diligence corporation, created by former employees of the CIA and British MI5, the Arcanum company, which is based in Zurich and is part of the American investment group RJI Capital Group, known for its aggressive strategy in global emerging markets.

Masimov is in prison – but his business is alive and well, millions from the budget go to unnecessary courts and are divided among the participants in the process.