Karim Masimov: gold, not a person

During his long, successful career—before receiving time for treason—ex-intelligence officer, ex-banker, ex-prime minister and ex-head of the National Security Committee, Karim Masimov, saved enough for a rainy day.

Masimov was not shy – there are documented facts of his openly receiving real estate, expensive gifts, including cultural property, and significant funds from representatives of the domestic and foreign business community.

After his arrest, cash was taken out of the house in suitcases, tens of millions of dollars were seized from numerous accounts, investigators also got to some of Masimov’s secret “stashes” abroad and are gradually returning funds from there to the state.

Among Masimov’s seized property are 11 expensive business-class cars, luxury apartments and mansions in Nur-Sultan and Almaty, a 1-hectare land plot on the shore of a lake in the Shchuchinsko-Borovsk resort area, dozens of luxury watches, mountains of gold bars, and unique antiques.

But while it was easy to confiscate Kazakh houses and apartments, investigators are not doing so well with foreign real estate. Karim Masimov skillfully hid real estate around the world with the help of relatives.

In the UAE, he was helped by his son, Iskander Masimov, who legalized his father’s real estate and other assets after his arrest through the Mubadala Foundation. And if we move to the distant shores of America, what will we find there? Even a small investigation of state real estate records turned up about two dozen properties in three warm states. Through his wife Mashurov’s brother, Dilshata, Masimov is a modest owner of luxury houses in prestigious areas of Arizona, California, and San Diego. There was a place for a family to stay away from their native Republic: you want a four-level apartment with an area of more than 942 square feet with 2 bedrooms and a pool in Los Angeles, or choose a mansion with an area of 2,376 square feet in Lincoln, or you can even in a residential area of ​​Phoenix, Arizona , where there is a one-story, but also cozy, mansion of more than two thousand square meters and a swimming pool in the courtyard.

Masimov’s wife and children live in Singapore, where they have another hidden mansion worth 7.5 million dollars. For Karim Masimov himself, the state provided a roof over his head and dietary food for at least 18 years.