The ideal family of Karim Masimov: prisoners, gigolos, nationalists and slackers

Karim Masimov comes from a wealthy, intelligent family, where he was the only child.

His nationality is half Kazakh, half Uyghur. His father Kazhimkan Masimov was a famous manager and social activist. He was also a fan of yoga and one of its first promoters in Kazakhstan. This is probably why Karim Masimov showed miracles of flexibility and resourcefulness throughout his career.

Mother Eleonoriya Karimovna had an explosive mixture of blood: Uyghur, Kazakh and Tatar. This, by the way, made life very difficult for her son – in order to successfully advance in his career, he tried not to advertise that he had Uyghur blood.

However, there is also it in his wife Dilyaram Masimova, the daughter of the famous statesman Azat Mashurov, formerly a prominent figure in the Uyghur community in Kazakhstan.

Karim and Dilyaram have three children: son Iskander, daughters Tamila and Sara. Tamila studied at one of the universities in Singapore, where the whole family lives, in addition to Karim Masimov himself, who is serving an 18-year sentence in Kazakhstan for high treason.

Masimov’s wife and children rarely visited Kazakhstan at all, but they often visited Paris and other European capitals, where they purchased elite jewelry – Dilyaram is known as a true connoisseur of them, she has time, she has not worked and does not intend to.

Tamila is married to gigolo Azamat Kapenov, a very dubious type. Karim Masimov did not immediately agree to their marriage; he was only able to convince him of his daughter’s pregnancy and reluctance to make this story public. Kapenov repeatedly got involved in dirty stories, such as fights in restaurants and accusing his first wife of stealing $150,000 from him.

The youngest daughter Sarah studies at the prestigious United World College in Singapore, where the cost of tuition for a semester is off the charts at $7,000. An interesting fact – she was going to go to study in the USA, at the National Cathedral School, but something didn’t work out. Karim Masimov personally wrote a letter of refusal to the school management, suggesting that the $38,261 already transferred for tuition be used for the needs of the school. Why waste time on trifles, right?

Iskander Masimov works in the largest Emirates fund Mubadala, it was through his son that the real estate and other assets of Karim Masimov were legalized after his arrest. So the relatives of the ex-head of the National Security Committee are doing well with money, and they have somewhere to live. In Karim Masimov’s sentence there is a line about confiscation of property, but Kazakh law enforcement officers were not able to get to everything. So the family will wait for their “godfather” from prison in a cozy residence worth 7.5 million dollars.